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About us

«… a unified research and education network of the country’s Universities and Research Institutes with preferential and high-speed Internet access is under active development within the NATO Virtual Silk Highway Project»

From the report of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev

“New Time, New Economy” (Kazakhstanskaya Pravda Newspaper, 16 December 2004)


To further the quality improvement of country’s education and research study through development of a unified research and education network.


General info

KAZRENA – Kazakhstan Research and Education Networking Association – was registered on 3 August 2001 as a union of legal entities in the form of association (non-for-profit organization).

The goal of the Association is coordination of activities and consolidation of efforts of the Association members in facilitating the development of the single national research and education network to raise the level of education and science, develop the principles of information society, and embed the country in global information space.

KazRENA provides Universities, Colleges, Research Centers and Institutes, Libraries, Museums, and NGOs with the broadband Internet access, distance-learning platform, audio- and video-conferencing, IP-telephony, video-telephony, access to e-libraries and education databases.

KAZRENA is the National Research & Education Network (NREN) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. KAZRENA was a participant of Virtual Silk Highway Project of the NATO Science Committee, and is a current participant of CAREN Project (Central Asian Research & Education Network of the EC, and provides access to GEANT – pan European multi-gigabit education network.

The Association welcomes new members to join.

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